ADENTRO Festival of Argentinean folklore

Festival of Argentinean folklore “Adentro” is the first festival of Argentinean folklore in Europe.
It lasts for 3 nights and takes place at the second week of May in Moscow region, Russia.
We welcome you on 9-12 of May 2019 at Adentro Festival.
The first edition of Adentro festival took place between 6 and 9 of May 2016.

The goal of Adentro is to show Argentinean folklore in all its diversity. Festival consists of peñas, classes with local and argentinean dance and music teachers, lectures, shows, guitarreadas and live music.
In May 2016 the main maestros were Marcelo Varela y Analia Vega.
In May 2017 the main maestros were Ramón Salina y Julieta Brenna.

In 2017, the festival was introducing the North-West of Argentina. To show this part of the country we invited the duet from Santiago del Estero (Dúo Don Argañaraz). They represented the musical part of the Festival with their live music at the peñas, and also introduced classes of argentinean folclore music and culture.
The musicians are representatives of Santiago del Estero, so they conducted the class about the rhythms, legends and tales of their native province based on unique video and photo materials prepared specially for the Adentro festival.

In 2018 festival will be dedicated to the culture of La Rioja province, and Chaya as a unique phenomenon of this province. That’s why we invite Natalia Barrionuevo – the extraordinary representative of this province. We plan to organize three night peñas with live music where we want to reconstruct Chaya carnaval. We also want Natalia to conduct the classes on culture and traditions of La Rioja and Chaya and music classes on vidala chayera.

Our team

This is Vika.

vikaVika moves beautiful. If you see somebody moving beautiful dancing folk it very possible is Vika.
Vika sings. Vika sings beautiful. Come to Adentro and you also confirm that Vika sings beautiful.
Vika has Nicolas. Vika loves Nicolas and he loves her. Nicolas is loud and tough but that’s ok as he is a bombo.

By the way, wherever AdentroFest arrives, it’s always beautiful around. That’s what Vika does.

This is Polina.

polinaPolina may do whatever she wants. Just because she is Polina. Whatever crazy / amazing / impossible stuff she performs, everybody just says: That is Polina!
Polina sleeps. Everywhere. That’s her credo. If you are planning to organize milonga, follow Polina: place the lounge zone where she lays down.
– What if Polina won’t sleep at all?
– Bad milonga!

All counting, planning, time-lines is what Polina handles. And handles perfectly. No wonder – that is Polina!

This is Tobico.

If you don’t know where to put the accent, stress ‘O’. Any ‘O’.
Tobico makes sketches. Sometimes you just say a word and she is sketching already. Ask a question – sketching again. Dance with her – sketch of you is on Facebook and no guarantee you will like it. But most probably you will.

Tobico is a creative part of AdentroFest team. Meaning Vika or Polina says “Tobico we need to do something” and she immediately starts sketching. And everybody likes it, no matter it’s nothing but a scribble.