Matias Gimenez is passionate about dance and malambo. He started his dancing career very early: his first competition of malambo (Pre Laborde qualifying round) was at the age of 7. Throughout the following years he took a lot of classes in various dancing styles, such as classical choreography, contemporary, flamenco, drama classes, etc. He participated (and was recognized as the best dancer) in numerous dancing contests.

In 2012, at the age of 16 he got a title of Senior Professor of Argentinean folk dances and for the first time won Laborde competition (the main malambo competition in Argentina) in Juniors nomination. His dream is to win this competition again in the main category to become the national champion of malambo and he is on track to his goal as in 2017 he became the runner-up. We wish him to become a champion in 2018!

Jesus Gorgone is madly in love with dances! He is a dancer, teacher and choreographer. As any professional he is good in various dancing styles, but what he is completely crazy about is Argentinean folklore. We wish you could see this yourself: it’s a tornado on a dance floor (oh, wait! you will see this yourself, at Adentro 2018!)

Throughout his long dancing career Jesus participated in many festivals and won various competitions. He was a part of many ballet companies and travelled as a performer and a teacher all over Argentina and abroad (Brazil, Paraguay, Peru and Mexico).
He was invited to participate in dancing performances for shows of numerous famous singers, but what he is especially proud of is being the part of official ballet of Cosquin festival for several years in a row.