Adentro 2018 – Musicians and DJs


Let us present to your attention Natalia Barrionuevo – outstanding Argentinean folk singer with exceptional musical talent. She will be the one to create unforgettable festive atmosphere of Adentro 2018, performing every night at every peña of the festival making us dancing nonstop to her fiery live music.

Natalia was born in La Rioja in August 29, 1978, and having mother from the same province and father santiagueño she couldn’t avoid being brought up in a very artistic musical environment. She started her path in folklore winning a contest as a solo singer in 1994 and her passion for folklore music never left her since then.
After winning Pre Cosquin (one of the most prestigious folklore competition) in 1997 as a solo singer, she was invited to Buenos Aires by Mercedes Sosa, “the voice of America”, to participate in her show. Since then they worked a lot together.
Natalia is extremely popular folklore singer in Argentina. Throughout her musical life she worked a lot with other famous musicians and singers, such as Alfredo Abalos, Ramon Navarro, Raly Barrionuevo, OrellanaLuca and many others.

We are very proud that she accepted our invitation giving us a chance to enjoy her wonderful music and charismatic personality here, in Moscow, at Adentro 2018!