Adentro 2017 – Musicians and DJs

In Argentina we immediately got used to dance to live music, because recordings are for resting, chatting, taking some beer or other non-dancing activities. Our dream was to show this to you all, but we can’t take everybody to Argentina, right?
So we bring Argentina to you!
We were picky selecting musicians.
It’s important for us that they play traditional music as it is extremely danceable.
We wanted them to be something special, so they not only play famous songs, but also compose their own ones.
Besides, we just like how these guys sing. By the way, most of you are already familiar with their music, as we often put their songs at peñas, classes and practicas.
Guess who?
Duo Don Argañaraz!

El mundo al reves, don argañaraz 2016
El mundo al reves, don argañaraz 2016
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Brothers Nicolas and Diego Argañaraz from Santiago-del-Estero (province of Argentina and the birthplace of chacarera).

Nobody knows for sure what they started first – talk or sing, but they certainly sing and play folklore music for almost all their lives. They compose their songs of all their love for motherland, nature and joy of life and they share this generously at every concert and peña where they sing.

To tell the truth we a little bit envy those of you who will see this for the first time in their life.