What is argentinean folklore for us?

The term “folklore” includes music, dance, literature, traditions and practices of the nation, transmitted through generations. This definition is valid for any country. In case of Argentina, folklore is a fusion of autochthons’ and rh2other nations’ traditions: first Spanish conquistadores, slaves of African origin, immigrants of different nationalities arrived from Europe and other regions of America made their contribution. This cultural mix created new ways of expression and the cultural diversity of Argentinean provinces depending on the origin of immigrants who settled there.

When we see people of other countries interested in our dances and music, we think that this attraction is probably the response to some sense of familiarity, slight flavour of traditions of their region. This is the result of so many traditions being mixed in our folklore that it probably has something from any culture.

Our folklore expresses cultural diversity that defines us as a nation. However we don’t think of it as of anything carved in stone. Quite the opposite, it constantly incorporate other ways of expression from other genres. For us dancing folklore is not unvaried following choreography, but rather trying to find new vision based on traditional foundation. This is what keep folklore alive.